We know it: housing is probably one of the most complicated parts about being a student in a new city!!! Fortunately, Lisbon offers a variety of accommodation opportunities of all types, either sharing a flat with other students,  or sharing a house with a family, or even having your own studio at a reasonable price compared to the prices in other capitals! However, we would advise not to book before enough inquiry; trying to solve any issue in advance should help you increase your chances of living a better experience. The most popular way to find a place in Lisbon is through websites. Sites like Idealista, Bquarto or Uniplaces are some of the options used by students. There are also student residences like The Housing Concept that have websites to help you book. Note that we are just letting you know what are the common ways to book: we know that these options may be far from perfect, and we've had students with good and bad experiences. One piece of advice is to try to pay with PayPal if the option is available (for example in Uniplaces). PayPal has a system to help you get your money back in case you don't get what you paid for! You can get extra details about housing in Lisbon in the website of our Master's program here.