This page summary will help you understand better the cost of living in Lisbon from the experience of our students. Bear in mind that this also depends a lot on different lifestyles, so not everything is written in stone. Be sure to click on related redirect links for more information.

  • Housing: prices are rising very fast in Lisbon. Despite this, the city continues to have competitive prices.  A room costs around 300 to 450€ (some people may find options for less, but keep in mind that it would probably be in areas far from our Faculty). An apartment with one room costs between 700 to 1000€. Some of the areas of the city close to our school include Santos, São Bento, Lapa, Bica, etc. You can find more information about housing here.

  • Transportation: a monthly pass in Lisbon to use public transportation costs from  22,5 to 40€ (depending on your age and where you want to go). 

  • Telecommunications: A plan for your cellphone may easily go from 12 to 16€ a month. Learn more details about transportation and telecommunications here.

  • Food: ISEG has two restaurants where you can lunch from  2,5 to 4,5€. At the supermarket, a person may spend from 200 to 250€ a month easily.

  • Gym: Subscriptions are generally from 7 to 10€ per week.

  • Fun: Expect average restaurant prices to be anywhere between 8 and 15€. In most places, you can order a beer (in Lisbon, it is called "Imperial") for 1 to 2€. Entrance to a nightclub can be between 8 and 12€, drinks included. A movie ticket costs around 7€.