Society of Actuaries

Our university is listed by the SOA as one of the Universities & Colleges with Actuarial Programs with an Advanced Curriculum (UCAP-AC). This list provides its members with several benefits that a student can directly benefit from.

  • Reimbursement of fees for three individual student preliminary exam registrations each academic year (IFM, LTAM, STAM, and SRM are eligible).

  • The universitymay choose one of the following programs each academic year:

  1. Reimbursement for the purchase of study materials for SOA preliminary exams up to USD 500.

  2. SOA sponsorship for an approved on-campus event up to USD 500.SOA sponsorship for an approved on-campus event up to USD 500.

  3. Reimbursement of travel costs and/or registration fees for student travel to an approved actuarial conference up to USD 500.

Additionally, a student can be directly exempted from the VEE Corporate Finance by passing the master course in Finance and Financial Reporting with a grade of at least 14/20. Note that the application for this exemption can be only made after having already passed two SOA exams.

Moreover, very interestingly, since our program is an accredited IFoA university program, the exemptions from the IFoA Core Principal subjects (CSs, CMs, and CBs) can be then used to get waivers from several SOA examinations. We provide the details in the following table. This can be confirmed in the link :

table 4.png

In order to apply for the exemptions from the SOA examinations, one should have already acquired the exemptions from the IFoA. The application process costs nothing and is relatively very simple. An email with the required documents (the application document, the IFoA proof of past exemptions, and the official certificate and academic transcript of the master) should be sent to the SOA (currently to showing your interest in getting the exemptions from the SOA. There are specific dates per year at which the Education Executive Group meeting is held and the waivers are approved; this date will be informed by the SOA once the application is submitted.

For additional information related to the SOA's benefits and waivers, one can consult  and .