In this page, we present some general facts about the program and the reasons why it can be your best choice for your graduate studies in Actuarial Science. 

• First, our professors are highly qualified.  All of them master the subjects they teach and know both the theoretical background and the actual application of the subject! Besides, they are always there for help!
(Tip: You can make use of the specified office hours of each professor in case you needed
more clarification on any specific topic).

• The program is always up-to-date! The courses are updated continuously to meet the new
theoretical and practical advancements in the field. Lately, a part about machine-learning
and a few other interesting topics were added. Additionally, evaluations of most of the
courses are now split into two parts, a written exam and a computer-based exam which
basically ensures that you’ll master almost every topic in all its aspects! (Insight: know more about the evaluation system here)


• Our master is one of the few programs that are simultaneously accredited by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) in the UK and highly regarded by both the Society of Actuaries (SOA) in North America and the Actuarial Association of Europe. This master covers most of the course subjects required for the recognition as an Actuary in the European Union as designated by Actuarial Association of Europe. Additionally, gaining this master can offer direct exemptions from the majority of the core technical exams required to become an Associate of the IFOA (see all related to exemptions here), and from some VEEs offered by the SOA. Not mentioning that our master is one of the rare European universities that are listed in the UCAP-AC (Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs - Advanced Curriculum) provided by the SOA.


• A prestigious world ranking in the field of Insurance, Risk & Actuarial Sciences called Eduniversal Best Masters Ranking  ranked our program, in 2019, as the 13th best internationally! That’s just another proof of how this program is looked at on an international level!

• Let's not forget about us: the Actuarial Science Club! We got a great opportunity at ISEG to be able to form a club dedicated to our master! The club will ensure you are having a fruitful and joyful time! It
holds many events throughout the year (as you can check them on the homepage). These
events range from workshops to dinners to even organized games and trips! Greatest tip:
Take advantage of these as much as possible, it is a great opportunity to expand your network,
find internships/jobs, and live great bonding experiences!

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