If the program at ISEG is your first academic experience in Europe, you may find that the system differs a bit from the one you're used to. These details will help you understand how you will be evaluated as a student. 

  • Grades in the Portuguese system go from 0 to 20. The minimum passing grade is 9,5 ( because it rounds to 10).

  • In our program, all subjects are graded based on your performance in two examinations. There is a written exam, that accounts for 50-70% of your final grade, and a computer exam (either using R or Excel) that accounts for the remaining 30-50%. Besides that, there are two different exam periods, and students can choose whether they take the exam in the first or second round. In case you pass your exam in the first round and wish to improve your grade, you need to enroll in the second round for the specific subject. You will be charged 30€ for every subject you wish to improve.

  • If you are interested in exemptions with the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), notice that your grade for this will be computed following certain rules, which may differ from those of ISEG. Check out the exemptions section to learn more.  

  • For more information about the courses you would be taking in the program, click here.