Make a Reservation: This is the Portuguese immigration service that provides you with a residence permit that allows you a longer, official stay in Portugal.  To do this you have to log on to the website and input all the required data, follow the steps and select your most preferred date and place for the appointment. Bear in mind that appointments are often far from date of booking so the earlier you book a space, the better.

Documents Required

Upon your booking, you will need several documents for your appointment.

  • Proof of Accommodation from the Local Government of your residence

  • Centro De Saude(Health Center) Registration: This is best done in a health center near you.

  • NIF: The details for the fiscal number can be found here.

  • Bank statement: A copy of your portuguese bank statement is preferably required.

  • Cash (About 165 Euros)

  • Two passports photographs: You can take a photograph at a photo booth around the city. The SEF office also has a booth. I would recommend you have it before going there. 

  • Declaration from the university, showing you are still active in the university (This is best 2 days to the appointment


       To make a SEF appointment you may click this link

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