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This website is designed to help the members of the Actuarial Club, as well as candidates to the Masters in Actuarial Science at ISEG, to get relevant information about the program, our activities, and more. Just navigate through the website or use the menu at the top of the page (this is particularly useful to go back to a specific section)!


Studying Actuarial Science at ISEG

General Aspects about our program

Benefits and Exemptions offered by IFoA and SOA

Learn about the agreements with IFoA and SOA.

Settling in Portugal

Learn a bit about cost of living in Lisbon, migration issues, transportation and housing in our beloved city


Relevant events for Actuaries

Discover here our events and some of the most relevant activities for Actuaries inside and outside of Lisbon



The Actuarial Club is the organization of students  that helps enhance the experience of the members of our program through the development of complementary academic and recreational activities.

Its Executive Board consists of a small group of students that work to make the different events possible, coordinating and trying to get other students involved. Among the activities of interest are seminars, trips, and other team building activities. 


Don't hesitate to contact us to ask your questions! You can simply fill the form, and we'll get back to you....or write us an e-mail at


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